Truth for Today Cards: Sarah gifted me these scripture cards once and I simply love them. I keep them on my kitchen counter and enjoy the truth they speak daily. The watercolor art is perfect in my opinion and pretty to look at. These make a great gift. Meaningful and pretty, bingo! Kids Art Frames: […]

Hump Day Happies 7.24.24

Here we are on the back half of July already! Kinda wild right? If you are a mama I know you are starting to mentally check out of summer and think about the school year just around the corner. Summer has seemingly flown by and at the same time, felt so long. Anyone else? We […]

Meal Plan 27.0

I am 7.5 years into motherhood and boy have I learned so much over the years. Recently, in the last few months with all the events of Sarah’s girls and my girls the term “hold loosely” has never been more applicable than ever. I wish I could have had that wisdom about 4 years ago. My […]

Millie’s Ears

The White Suitcase: I definitely copied Sarah on this suitcase. I have never had proper luggage and her previous job brought on frequent travel. She highly recommended this suitcase and I followed suit and simply love it! This suitcase packs a punch with two generous compartments. The spinner wheels make it so easy to roll […]

Hump Day Happies 7.17.24

I love eating in mid summer. There are a million fresh vegetables and is there truly anything like a garden fresh tomato?? We are getting a CSA delivery tomorrow and I look forward to it every time but it always feels extra special in the summer. We can safely say this weeks meal plan is […]

Meal Plan 26.0

Many years ago my work life involved a lot of air travel, often on a 3.5-4 hour haul back and forth to Las Vegas to work with marketing teams of hotel properties.  This may sound a bit glamorous but as an introvert who prefers quiet, lets just say Vegas was not my jam haha.  One […]

The Haunting of a Hobby

The summer reading edition for HDH. Let me preface and say that I am not a reader currently. I do enjoy a good book and will love to read one day. Sarah is good at listening to audio books and multitasking, but I haven’t joined that world either. The list of books recommended today are […]

Hump Day Happies 7.10.24

Monday: Peach Salsa Halloumi Bowls Get ready for a taste of summer in your mouth. I honestly didn’t know what halloumi was, so you are not alone, ha! I would personally add a grilled fish or chicken to this summer explosion. This recipe starts with our favorite coconut rice plus some beans for fiber. Top […]

Meal Plan 25.0

My third baby just celebrated her 4th birthday on July 2. Her birthday is most memorable to me for some reason. I mean, all births are memorable in some ways, but due to her 3 day saga of roller coaster labor amidst the year of Covid, I have to say she was one for the […]

40 Weeks and 3 Days 

This weeks Hump Day Happies are brought to you by a night without the kids! Its a rare thing but it is so fun to have a night to do whatever you want to do. These nights can leave me feeling like I need to do 875 things but also like I just don’t want […]

Hump Day Happies 7.3.24