Meal Plan 6.0

Monday: Shrimp Pad Thai One of my all time favorites. I found this simple recipe many years ago and have made it ever since. The ingredient list is short and this meal comes together quickly for a yummy weeknight treat. I buy frozen shrimp typically at Costco or Sam’s and rice noodles can be found at any local grocer. Rice noodles are fun because they cook so fast <5 min. This salty sweet concoction is just what you need!

Tuesday: Sheet Pan Chicken + Veggies. This is a night I just pull out what I have in the freezer and vegetable drawer. Bake some chicken with whatever seasoning tastes good to you. We have some lemon pepper seasoning that I use. I pair the chicken with roasted carrots or sweet potatoes, and green beans. The carrots and sweet potatoes can cook with the chicken and the green beans are frozen. So they literally take 5 min to heat up on the stove. Simple easy and my kids will eat it!

Wednesday: “Breaded” Paleo Chicken Cutlets paired with broccoli and rice.

Thursday: Taco night for us. Thursday is always the day I do something the kids will eat because Thursdays are hard days around here after 4 days of school with one to go. We eat well and go to bed early.

Friday: Pizza out!

Saturday: Greek Pitas A little labor of love I like to call these. Get your knife ready to chop but enjoy the burst of flavor in the end. This recipe makes plenty and this is good for company as well. Hint the Saturday suggestion 🙂

Weekend treat: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups Best homemade Reese’s Cup you will ever eat. Melt in your mouth chocolate craving fix with a salty sweet flavor. I don’t have the mini muffin tins so I double the recipe and make 12 regular cups but cut them in half or not 😉



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Meal Plan 6.0

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