Meal Plan 15.0

Whew! Its been a whole week and here we are at Friday again! We hope you have a lovely weekend ahead with some lovely weather. Heres what we will be cooking next week…we hope its helpful!

Monday: Salmon, roasted asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes. Its just a staple at this point! I got a bag of salmon from Costo last time I went so its an easy grab and stretches across a couple meals because…Costco.

Tuesday: Tacos!! I don’t think we even have to write it anymore haha! Its nice to have a meal or two that are just a given right? I grabbed the Cilantro Lime Crema sauce on my last Costco trip and we are enjoying it with our tacos right now.

Wednesday: Greek Meatballs with rice and cucumber slices. Kimberly made these this past week and said they were super yum so they are going on the meal plan! We can’t wait to try them.

Thursday: Chicken cobb salads and sourdough bread. Kimberly had a grilled chicken salad bar on her menu last week and it made me want a cobb salad so here we are! If you are in a sourdough routine, I love a fresh loaf with dinner, it just feels so special. But if its not your jam grab some good crusty bread from the bakery. The italian dressing from Love and Lemons is 100% my go to right now. Everyone in our family loves it!

Friday: Pizza night! This will be home made pizza for us. I always turn to Whats Gabby Cooking for the best recipes with something like pizza. Heres her list of 55 pizzas better than delivery and her pizza dough recipe. She never disappoints!

Weekend treat: I don’t know if I’ll get to squish in some baking this weekend but I’ve had a small craving for the brownies Kimberly and I love. If time allows then I’ll throw together the peanut butter stuff brownies from Paleo Running Mama. They’re so good and a definite favorite!

Happy Cooking!



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Meal Plan 15.0

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