Saltair Moisture Bound Dry Hair Shampoo: Sarah grabbed this the other day and is giving it a 10/10. I haven’t tried it so can’t speak to it, but I honestly don’t use a dry shampoo very often. But this is readily available at Target. Cuisinart Touchscreen Burr Mill Coffee Grinder: Sarah’s new coffee grinder. Her […]

Hump Day Happies 6.19.24

Monogrammed Tote Organizer: For all you ladies with the tote bag that is a dark hole! Have you ever tried a purse insert? I currently use my Able Backpack and don’t need an insert, but I have used a tote in the past and know the struggle of the black hole that quickly becomes the […]

Hump Day Happies 6.12.24

Fix My Skin Lip Balm: This is the miracle lip balm I mentioned this week. I have used it for years just on the occasion that my lips get majorly chapped. I have always had issues with my lips and nothing seems to cure it except this balm. Spots come and go in life and […]

Hump Day Happies 6.5.24

Blue Lizard sunscreen: Came across this sunscreen many years ago and it just seems to work. The smell is mild and it rubs in nice. Sunscreen is hard because there are so many rules about ingredients in our current world. The sunscreen will kill you but if you don’t use it you will die too, […]

Hump Day Happies 5.29.24

It’s the summer bag issue…who doesn’t love bags? I have a slight obsession myself. This week we will give you all our recommendations for the best bags we love and use. ABLE Alem Backpack in the color whiskey: I am obsessed with this backpack. I bought it when my third baby was coming around and […]

Hump Day Happies 5.22.24

I’m calling this week Sarah’s hump day happies 🙂 She rolled through some good ones the other day and the list is as follows… Avara Caitlyn Dress: Fast shipping, perfect color match, charming petite detail, no constriction, and decent price…here is the “mom” graduation dress for this year. Due to her daughter’s high school’s patriotic […]

Hump Day Happies 5.15.24

LMNT Zero-Sugar Electrolytes: I know we have mentioned a few drink tablet/packets already but we are always interested in new things. We recently discovered LMNT and both really like it. I find it similar to Liquid IV, but without the added sugar. It is also salty and you should know by now that Sarah and […]

Hump Day Happies 5.8.24

May day! May day! Happy first day of May! Time flies doesn’t it? This weeks HDHs are things that Sarah and I both have and love. When I was at her house recently and helping her in the kitchen, I noticed a few familiarities that I have used for the ages. We hope you enjoy […]

Hump Day Happies 5.1.24

Coffee Roller Tray: I mentioned this little “do-dad” recently on the IG, and it has truly made me happy in our new to us house. Before we moved, we literally redid our kitchen with cabinets, countertops, and lighting. I had an appliance garage that nicely hid my coffee maker and microwave but still with easy […]

Hump Day Happies 4.24.24

Happy Hump day! It’s a downhill run from here, right? Hope you enjoy these sparks of joy that we are loving these days. Ellie Holcomb’s new album, All of My Days: This is a must listen! Sarah and I both love Ellie Holcomb’s music. It’s a balm to the soul. Her new album released this […]

Hump Day Happies 4.17.24