I’m calling this week Sarah’s hump day happies 🙂 She rolled through some good ones the other day and the list is as follows… Avara Caitlyn Dress: Fast shipping, perfect color match, charming petite detail, no constriction, and decent price…here is the “mom” graduation dress for this year. Due to her daughter’s high school’s patriotic […]

Hump Day Happies 5.15.24

LMNT Zero-Sugar Electrolytes: I know we have mentioned a few drink tablet/packets already but we are always interested in new things. We recently discovered LMNT and both really like it. I find it similar to Liquid IV, but without the added sugar. It is also salty and you should know by now that Sarah and […]

Hump Day Happies 5.8.24

May day! May day! Happy first day of May! Time flies doesn’t it? This weeks HDHs are things that Sarah and I both have and love. When I was at her house recently and helping her in the kitchen, I noticed a few familiarities that I have used for the ages. We hope you enjoy […]

Hump Day Happies 5.1.24

Coffee Roller Tray: I mentioned this little “do-dad” recently on the IG, and it has truly made me happy in our new to us house. Before we moved, we literally redid our kitchen with cabinets, countertops, and lighting. I had an appliance garage that nicely hid my coffee maker and microwave but still with easy […]

Hump Day Happies 4.24.24

Happy Hump day! It’s a downhill run from here, right? Hope you enjoy these sparks of joy that we are loving these days. Ellie Holcomb’s new album, All of My Days: This is a must listen! Sarah and I both love Ellie Holcomb’s music. It’s a balm to the soul. Her new album released this […]

Hump Day Happies 4.17.24

Its Wednesday which means hump day hapies!!! We have some fun ones to share this week so read on! Sweedish Dishcloths – Let me preface this by saying I (Sarah) have a whole things about dishcloths. I do not like them at all so it took me years to find these and I love them. […]

Hump Day Happies 4.9.24

This week is a hodgepodge of random things, but we still use them and have thoughts. Some of these things are newer to us to here you go! Brami Pasta: Sarah discovered this pasta a couple of weeks ago and since we both have tried it. The texture is nice and not dry. The fiber […]

Hump Day Happies 4.3.24

Rada Pairing Knife: This knife is small but mighty! I grew up with my mom and grandmothers using this knife to skillfully cut almost anything. Sarah has one too and we both can attest how useful this little guy is. I use it daily to cut avocados, apples, kiwi, mini bell peppers, boiled eggs, and […]

Hump Day Happies 3.27.24

This is such a good week with sooo many delightful happies 🙂 May your hump day be filled with little sparks of joy of the things we like and hope you do too! Dazzle Dry: Hands down the best at home nail system you can buy! Sarah is better at keeping her nails looking pretty, […]

Hump Day Happies 3.20.24

Happy Happy Hump Day! It’s spring break for alot of TN. We hope you are getting to enjoy some rest from the normal rigamarole. This week we have the following fun finds. Sophie James Wine: Sarah raved over this wine so of course I looked it up. Everything about it seems lovely and to the […]

Hump Day Happies 3.13.24