I was sitting on the toilet trying to poop the other day and my baby aka 2 yr old was puny and clingy with a weird virus. She stood there crying at my feet because at any instant I began to lower her to the ground she would start crying.  Inevitably I picked her up […]

Vulnerability in Motherhood 

Summer time…begins this weekend for us. The classic Memorial Day weekend. School is out and summer time vibes are in the air. The days are getting longer, bed time is getting later, and we are all sweating and swatting at bugs a little bit more. Are you team summer? I personally love all the seasons […]

Team Summer

“Raising people is not some lark, its serious work with serious repercussions.  Its air traffic control. You can’t step out for a minute, you can barely pause to scratch your ankle.” – Kelly Corrigan As we draw to the end of another school year and I am about to graduate my second child, I’ve been […]

The Wild Card Year

The Witching Hours  The hours between 4pm-bedtime. Enough said. I could stop typing for anyone reading who has small children, and to those whose children are grown, I commend you.  The hours between 4 and bedtime are an odd time to say the least. Some days are very ordinary and my kids (ages 7 down […]

The Witching Hours

Fortunately, or unfortunately life has dealt its cards and we are the chosen ones to travel in order to see family. For 9 years, we were 8.5 hrs. from my husband’s family and 30 min from my parents. We moved this year and now we are 2.5 hrs. from my parents and 6.5 hrs. from […]

Road Tripping with Littles

Hi and welcome to No Ordinary Wisdom! We are two ordinary moms that want to share our ordinary wisdom and maybe a few giggles about all that life sends our way. We have felt this calling to reach other women in this crazy world and tell you that normal is ok.  We are not here […]

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