40 Weeks and 3 Days 

My third baby just celebrated her 4th birthday on July 2. Her birthday is most memorable to me for some reason. I mean, all births are memorable in some ways, but due to her 3 day saga of roller coaster labor amidst the year of Covid, I have to say she was one for the books. 

By the third baby, you would think I would be a pro at labor and delivery and ready for anything, but I am of the camp that all labor is different and every baby makes their own grand entrance to this world 🙂 I went to a midwife group in Nashville at the time who were all amazing and I was having to show up on my 40 week appointment which was a Monday. I went to that appointment slightly disgruntled and ready for the apple to fall out if you know what I mean. No woman wants to make it to 40 weeks in reality. The waddling is too much, everything hurts, sleep is minimal and the brain is simply in a fog. The normal appointment ensued, heartbeat was detected and everything was “fine.” However, I noticed that my midwife went out and looked concerned after the heartbeat was found. She noticed a de-cell in my baby’s heartbeat. I was hooked up to the real monitor for about 45 min to an hour. While I was hooked up she told me I was having contractions but the heartbeat seemed fine. “Go home and relax, baby will come,” she said. Home I went, but relax was a bit difficult due to a 4yr old and a 2 yr old running around. My husband did his darndest to let me relax. I had continued contractions for the rest of the day. I went on a walk that afternoon and thought I was in real labor, but as soon as I stopped walking the contractions would stop. My emotions got high with the onset of labor and I was so frustrated because I did not have a clear picture if this baby was truly coming or not. I also had to make plans for my little two due to childcare. We made the choice to go ahead and spend the night with my parents just in case. Sure enough Monday night my contractions continued to pursue. Along with the heartbeat being questionable, we made the choice to drive to the hospital in the middle of the night. Arrived in Nashville around 4:30 am and sat in triage to find my contractions stopping, mind you they were consistent all night and the whole drive to the hospital. Made me cry for sure. All signs of labor ceased. Completely exhausted and frustrated we trekked home to gather our children and go home. Tuesday was spent in a stupor of finding rest between the both of us and waiting. No contractions Tuesday night. All was quiet. Wednesday morning I was so frustrated I called Sarah and demanded a walk. Hello 5 miles! We literally walked 5 miles and at a decent pace if I remember correctly. I started feeling weird after the walk, so we gathered our bags and headed to my parents again. (My parents’ house was 30 min closer to the hospital and also provided childcare). I knew things were changing but no significant contractions. I didn’t want to eat anything and I even threw up twice which I never did! In usual baby fashion, my contractions started again in the middle of the night. Off we go again. I remember telling the nurse I was not going home without a baby this time. The contractions were slow initially and I was not dilated to anything to speak of. I had to stay in triage until I was 5cm before being allowed in the birthing room to use the tub. I quietly labored in triage for close to 4 hours attempting to rest as well because I was already tired from the 3 day saga. At 8am a new nurse came in to check me and was surprised I was 5cm! Off to the birth room I went to get in the tub. I had never used the tub but the sound of warm water eluded comfort. I don’t know how to describe the next 45 min, but I can tell you I went from 5cm to baby in 45-50 min. It was wild. She came out a whole 8lb 8oz and I thought she was so tiny. Anytime you have toddlers running around, a newborn is tiny regardless of size. Our third girl! We have never found out the sex before birth and have always been surprised. One of life’s truest surprises in my opinion. I was so elated to not be pregnant anymore. Best feeling in this world is not being pregnant after the last stretch of pregnancy. If you are a mom reading this then I know you know the feeling. Matt and I enjoyed our staycation at the hospital for a couple of days. We could have no visitors during 2020, but to be honest, we never had many visitors. Our hospital was far away from home so the girls never came to the hospital for a visit. They always had the first meet cute of the new baby at home.  I consider having a baby like a time warp. You truly have no worries in the world except the little bundle in the bassinet in your room. The world seems to stop and Heaven shines down. I’ve always said a newborn baby is the closest thing to Heaven we will ever see on this earth. The smells, the snuggles, the coos, and faces are truly the angels talking. We left the hospital and came home on the evening of the 3rd, stopping at a local firework stand in good fashion so Mr. 7 could have some fun with the littles the next day. 

Why do I write about this birth story today? Sentimental for sure since my little baby just turned 4 whole years! Memorable due to the long labor, two trips to the hospital, possible heart issues, and the height of Covid. I look back at pictures of my 3rd baby and see my parents wearing masks when we brought her home from the hospital. Tears always sting my eyes at those pictures because I remember in the moments the immense stress of how to navigate covid and do the “right” thing. I remember going back to church many months later and people staring at my grown baby who was probably 8-9 months. My third baby brought several other changes as well with my health. I ran a half marathon 10 months post baby getting a PR then basically quit running. I started lifting regularly which has changed my world as well as finding freedom in walking. I lifted through my entire 4th pregnancy and feel strong today for my girls in order to keep up with them and be able to run if I ever feel the urge again. Life continues to be ever changing. The what ifs and should of, could of, would of’s can always haunt you if you let them. In remembering this birth story I pray that you can look back on a hard moment and see the deep joys. Big hugs to all you mamas out there! 



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40 Weeks and 3 Days 

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