Leaning into houseplants

Lets talk houseplants.  I grew up with them, love them in the right context but have never had enough of a green thumb to keep them alive.  Although, I don’t know that it really has to do with a green thumb as much as it does the head space and attention I have to devote to keeping them alive.  I felt the same way about getting a dog.  I love dogs and grew up with them and while I knew my kids would love to have one, I was always so afraid to add the responsibility to my plate.  I’m an enneagram 9 so in moments of stress or in thinking about things that might be stressful, I reflect the unhealthy traits of a 6 which means I think about all the reasons or ways adding a responsibility could be bad which usually means, I will not commit to doing whatever the thing is.  Well, in 2021 I took a massive leap of faith in a very uncharacteristic moment and brought home our dog, Tilly. All I can say is I should’ve done it sooner.  She is a delight and brings us all so much joy.  Now, I know a dog and a houseplant are vastly different things but in my mind they are both commitments I have to keep alive in addition to my kids and myself.  I also didn’t want to spend money on something that would just die and be tossed in the trash.  So what made me take the plunge you may wonder?  It was Kimberly who inspired me with all her houseplants and tiny people that all seemed to be alive and thriving.  Shes much more fearless than I am and I admire that in her. They had just moved their entire house into a new home which happened to include a LOT of houseplants!  Its not like I had not noticed them before but in the new space they just really became noticeable to me and I suddenly felt like maybe I could give it a try. At the same time, I was also doing a tiny dining room refresh and thought how lovely it could be to add a plant into the decor.  So I did the most logical thing and bought a…fiddle leaf fig. I know. The notoriously difficult to keep alive and happy tree.  But I had a moment of “throw caution to the wind”, I’ll buy what makes me happy. Of course this now created a bit of a rabbit hole and I then had to do some research on how to keep my new commitment alive and happy.  I came across the Instagram account for Happy Happy Houseplant and after spending 5 minutes browsing her account, I felt like I could keep any plant alive and thriving!  If you have houseplants, and you don’t follow her, you should!  She has such a gift for making houseplants approachable plus her house is super cool and unique!  I’m happy to report my fiddle leaf is still alive and kicking and I’m still learning how to best care for it because I have fiddle leaf goals for my tree to look like Joanna Gaines’!  

After adding the fiddle leaf fig to my dining room I felt empowered and have since added several more houseplants which have been such a delight.  A few years back, my friend gifted me a Chinese Money plant which inadvertently got neglected in the chaos of life and by some miracle it was still alive, but hanging on by a thread.  I wish I had a before picture but I am proud to say I was able to revive it and it is now thriving and continues to grow new leaves much to my delight.  It has been the best little plant project.  I attribute its revival to new soil and being watered but also to the plant food from Happy Happy Houseplant that I add to each watering.  

My little money plant has come so far believe it or not!

My next addition was a philodendron.  I love the way they trail and always seem to be perky and happy.  I kinda feel like this plant is a pretty sure thing.  I bought it at Walmart and it has not failed nor is it overly particular in any way.  Its still in the pot I bought it in and gets very indirect light and doesn’t seem to mind my inconsistent watering schedule.  I highly recommend finding one of these if you want to dip your toes into the houseplant world.  

Next I got a bit of a wild hair and when I saw the Staghorn Fern at a garden center I had to bring it home.  This is definitely a bit of an oddball but I had read about them in a plant article and was excited to find one.  It looks nothing like a typical fern and I love their unique shape and growth patterns.  People will often mount these on boards and hang them in their bathroom to mimic their natural habitat where they grow on trees in more humid environments.  The article I read assured me I could grow it in a terra cotta pot as well so I am giving it a try.  So far, it seems to be doing well and continues to produce new fronds.  I use a mister bottle a couple times of week as part of the water routine.  

I am confident my plant collection will continue to grow as I already have my eye on a couple spaces I need to add some plant life to but I am glad I took the plunge and started my house plant journey.  My oldest kiddo has also started her own plant collection up in her study room and has a fun variety of succulents, monstera and a few others sprinkled around.  I have quite a ways to go to catch up to Kimberly’s amazing plant collection and I am so thankful for her inspiration and encouragement.  We also get a giggle when we send a text reminding each other that its “thirsty Thursday” and we need to check on our house plants.  House plants are more fun with friends!  Haha  Grab your bestie and don’t be afraid to start your houseplant journey.  


Sarah and Kimberly

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Leaning into houseplants

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