From Sarah: You’ve probably seen it on the gram at this point in time.  The colors.  The drapes.  The seasons.  This isn’t a new concept of course but as with most things, new versions come into the picture.  Kimberly was the one who discovered House of Colour when she found out that our friend, Brooke, […]

How Colors Gave Us Confidence

The Ember mug.  You’ve seen it.  You know about it and you are really curious if that price tag is actually worth it.  Kimberly and I both own one and we are spilling the beans on all of our thoughts about our Ember mugs! Sarah: Oh the Ember mug…let us count the ways we truly […]

An honest review of the Ember mug

Lets talk houseplants.  I grew up with them, love them in the right context but have never had enough of a green thumb to keep them alive.  Although, I don’t know that it really has to do with a green thumb as much as it does the head space and attention I have to devote […]

Leaning into houseplants

This day and age, the food industry bombards us with so many choices to make. The choices are each strongly encouraged as the next best thing to save your life or make you live longer. We are supposed to eat 5 servings of different fruits and veggies a day, 30 different types of produce a week, […]

A Memoir to the 90’s

I got a new pepper grinder in December.  And she’s REALLY pretty (see above photo for evidence).  And that probably seems like a super boring thing to share but there is more than meets the eye to this pepper grinder situation on my hands.  I’m all for making pretty choices anywhere in my home that […]

Never underestimate a pepper grinder

Hi and welcome to No Ordinary Wisdom! We are two ordinary moms that want to share our ordinary wisdom and maybe a few giggles about all that life sends our way. We have felt this calling to reach other women in this crazy world and tell you that normal is ok.  We are not here […]

Hello world!