Hump Day Happies 3.6.24

Migraine Headache Relief Cap: Sarah just ordered this and said it is a true delight. I, thankfully, do not have headaches. But this new stage of life may bring many changes, so I will keep this tucked away.

Habits of the Household: I have just started reading this and love it so far. We often want quick fixes to problems in our lives, but I love how he says it takes practice to make change and most of the time the practice doesn’t look pretty (my shortened version). I’m excited to keep reading and gain ideas for our family.

Cereve Cleansing Balm: Sarah mentioned this in stories this week and I am definitely going to try it! I love a cleansing balm, but have mainly been exposed to pricey ones I have used only on occasion. Balms are so nice and delightful to the face. If you have never tired one I highly recommend.

Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk: Found at local grocers. Our recommendation for BEST almond milk on the market. No filler ingredients to make it thick and gummy.

Loop Engage Earplugs: As noted in the blog post about travel with littles and in stories this week about keeping my sanity on the daily. These little earplugs have been lifesavers for me. I get easily overstimulated by the noise from my household especially in the evenings. These earplugs tone down the noise and I am still very aware of what is going on, just not frazzled by it. I can be a kinder mom instead of a frenzied mom 🙂

Enjoy! XO,


Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 3.6.24

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