Hump Day Happies 3.13.24

Happy Happy Hump Day! It’s spring break for alot of TN. We hope you are getting to enjoy some rest from the normal rigamarole. This week we have the following fun finds.

Sophie James Wine: Sarah raved over this wine so of course I looked it up. Everything about it seems lovely and to the nines. You have to get on a waiting list so go now and sign up 🙂

REIDEA Candle Lighter Electronic Arc Windproof Flameless USB Rechargeable Lighter with Safe Button for Home Kitchen, S4, Champagne Gold: Sarah has this fancy lighter and she wants to tell us all about it. Stay tuned in stories on the IG this week.

Wooden Egg Holder: This is my pretty egg holder I put on the counter when we get farm fresh eggs. I wanted something other than a carton sitting on my counter. I would rather not have anything on my counters, but if its on my counter then it needs to be pleasing to my eye.

The Pause Life Supplements: Due to Sarah and my recent adventures with perimenopause/menopause symptoms, we both have recently started taking some supplements per the recommendation of Dr. Mary Claire Haver, MD, FACOG, CMP. She is one of the leading doctors in the menopause world bringing light and life to women’s health. We trust her recommendation which made it a no brainer to try a couple of her supplements. The first one is the Omega 3 + Vit D3 + K2 and the second one is Tumeric. You can follow the links to read more about each product. We are just trying to help ourselves age better because the struggle is real.

Happy Hump diddly dump day!



Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 3.13.24

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