Hump Day Happies 3.20.24

This is such a good week with sooo many delightful happies 🙂 May your hump day be filled with little sparks of joy of the things we like and hope you do too!

Dazzle Dry: Hands down the best at home nail system you can buy! Sarah is better at keeping her nails looking pretty, but when I do take time to paint my nails, I certainly use the system from Dazzle Dry. I am done so quickly and I can attest that my nails will stay looking nice close to two weeks. I wash dishes daily, give kids bath daily as well as regular house chores etc. Needless to say Dazzle Dry stands the test of hard work on the nails. They have tons of colors to choose from. I started with the mini kit initially but then got the regular size kit later. My girls even use Dazzle Dry and it’s nice for them because of how quickly it dries and I am not worried about nail polish smearing on clothes or furniture.

Bee’s Wrap Roll: I know I talked about Bee’s Wrap before, but this week we are featuring the actual roll. I currently have individual cut pieces that come in a pack, but the roll is a new experiment and I am waiting on Sarah’s answer, ha! We have a conundrum for storing our sourdough bread. Using plastic bags weekly just doesn’t seem right and neither of us want a bread box on our counter tops. We have come across a cloth bread bag, but thought to give the Bee’s Wrap a try to cover our bread. Stay tuned for results.

Redmond’s Real Salt: Not going to lie, this is a new product for me, but Sarah loves it. She keeps influencing me! I typically buy sea salt in the shaker you have to twist out and plain ole iodized salt. You will learn more about salt than you ever thought to know by going to Redmond’s website, I know I did 🙂 She also tried the electrolyte packs for her water. I definitely may try them, because unlike her I like a flavored water sometimes 😉 We mentioned Nuun on a previous Hump day Happy and I still think Nuun’s are really good. We will have to report back on the electrolyte packets from Redmond’s.

HOC Color Analysis: By far, our most favorite investment we have done to spark joy in our lives! Sarah and I got our color analysis done a little over a year ago and we have had the best year finding our colors “in the wild”, creating new outfits, feeling confident, and wearing our lips for a full on put together look even if we don’t feel the best due to life’s roller coaster ride. The link is to our friend’s page who is in Middle TN so go check it out. I promise you will be blown away and completely amazed at the power of color. Sarah and I love to talk about our colors so if you have any questions we are always available to chat. You can also read our post this week about our color analysis.

Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 3.20.24

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