Meal Plan 13.0

It’s hard to believe we are rolling into the second week of April already. I want time to slow down for so many reasons, one being the mounting pressure to have a solid game plan in place for my daughter’s graduation this year (How!?!). But I digress. All the things will eventually get done right? As we’ve mentioned several times, Kimberly and I are trying to really focus on getting our fiber (at least 25 grams a day!) and protein in this season of our lives. Both have become more important for maintaining our health and while it can be a challenge some days (Kimberly is much better at the fiber than I am!!) I think we are adapting. Our meals typically reflect our nutrition goals so we hope that benefits and helps you as well.

Monday Salmon day. If you’ve been around for a few meals plans you know we like salmon once a week at our house. Depending on what looks best at the grocery store we have either asparagus or broccoli with it and some sweet potatoes either roasted or pan fried. Lately my favorite salmon seasoning is the Salmon Rub from Trader joes. Its so easy to level up the Salmon quickly and all my kids love it too!

Tuesday Taco Tuesdays. As always. Its just a standing order at this point. Whats not to love…we get the guac and the beans plus the beef. Its a protein and fiber dream, hahaha!

Wednesday Steak bites, potatoes and salad. I started this forever ago and we have always loved it. I think I picked it up from a podcast! Buy a sizable piece of sirloin or whatever lean red meat looks doable at the store. Cut it into bit size pieces and season well with salt and pepper. Then I heat my iron skillet, melt some grass fed butter and toss in the steak bites. They cook super fast so be ready to work in batches depending on your skillet and crowd size. We love ours with some roasted potatoes and a salad! The Italian dressing from Love and Lemons has become my go to lately. Its just SO good!

Thursday Chickfila at home! We don’t have a chickfila where I live so sometimes we like a DIY Chickfila night! Bare Chicken makes chicken breasts that are really tasty and similar to Chickfila. My secret to getting them crispy is to crank the oven to 415 rather than the temp on the bag and I let a cast iron griddle heat up in the oven (you can use a cast iron pan too). Then I toss the chicken on the griddle, cook about 10 min per side and they come out nice and crisp! Get some good brioche buns, pickles (we love Grillos brand in the refrigerator section!) and chickfila sauce and you have a pretty good dupe! I’ll serve some broccoli slaw (for the fiber!) and some sweet potato fries with our sandwiches.

Friday BBQ Chicken bowls from Paleo Running Mama! We love a good bowl dinner at our house and this has all the flavors and textures. I’m excited to try it!

Weekend treat When I tell you that you will go down a deep rabbit hole when you look at Well Made by Kiley’s IG or website, I mean it! She does a ton of sourdough which I love. But I have always had a deep love for an almond croissant and she has a recipe for one that is super doable and I am dying to try it. Our weekend is pretty full but I have hopes that my Sunday morning may allow for it! Check it prepared to want to bake it all!

Happy Cooking!



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Meal Plan 13.0

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