Hump Day Happies 4.9.24

Its Wednesday which means hump day hapies!!! We have some fun ones to share this week so read on!

Sweedish Dishcloths – Let me preface this by saying I (Sarah) have a whole things about dishcloths. I do not like them at all so it took me years to find these and I love them. Its like sponge meets dishcloth. They come in a 10 pack and they are stiff and dry when they arrive and then soften when you get them wet. The thing I really hate so much about dishclothes is how long they take to dry and that they just get stinky and icky and I hate the way they feel too lol. The beauty of these are that you can just toss them in the trash once they have run their useful life! They are totally compostable and I absolutely feel like they are a kitchen essential for me!

Good Culture – If you have watched our IG stories I’m sure you’ve seen us mention this. Kimberly and I both absolutely love Good Culture cottage cheese. She can get it at her local Whole Foods and Kroger and I have to stock up when I’m in a bigger city. No other cottage cheese will do for us! This has the perfect texture and taste and has the perk of being good for your gut and packed with protein. We love their cream cheese as well. When we have a cottage cheese snack we mix it with everything from peanuts (give it a try! Kimberly introduced me to this!), to tomatoes, various fruits etc. Our kids love it too!

Simple Human Wall Pump – Where to I begin with my love for this. So we live in an old house which means on the first floor there is not a typical “primary bedroom” with its own bathroom. Which means I share a bathroom with a lot of girls lol. While our bathroom is strangely big our shower is…not. One day I was pushed over the edge with the shower cady and all the various bottles and hunted for a solution to majorly simply our shower. I found this and took a chance on it and have never looked back. Its a little pricy so it was a risk but it is hands down the best thing I ever bought for our shower. I did not screw it into our shower well but used the adhesive option and it has held steady! If you want to simplify your shower I cannot recommend this enough!!

Hope Fitness Gear band set – In the workout programming Kimberly and I use, bands are often incorporated and this is the set Kimberly has used for YEARS. Her husband has used it as well so it has gotten a lot of use and a couple of the bands have finally given out. I use a different band set but mine are thicker and often hurt when placed just right so I will also be ordering a set of the Hope Fitness Gear bands when mine need replaced! The company has a great mission as well so it makes it even easier to support them if you need some gear!

Frownies – Have you heard of them??? I am doing a grand experiment right now. I have had Botox in years past and really do love it but sometimes our priorities and budgets change (but our desire for less lines does not!). Enter an affordable alternative! I am using up my first box to see how I feel about them and I think I like them. The idea is similar to Botox in that you are keeping the muscle from moving thereby decreasing the lines that are made. Frownies works on the idea of muscle training so it is more of a “long game” rather than the very fast results of Botox but I’m o.k. with that and glad to have an alternative option! I plan to keep using them after my first box runs out and I promise to give an update after a length of time has gone by!




Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 4.9.24

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