Meal Plan 16.0

Monday: Sheet Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Feta Potatoes This was a dish that was brought to Sarah after her surgery and it was quite tasteful so I thought I would share. The flavors blend a nice surprise with a salty sweet flavor from the balsamic and feta/olive mixture. So, if you like those flavors then you will enjoy this sheet pan dinner.

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday or Nacho Tuesday! Don’t forget refried beans or black beans as a side for the fiber as well as the guac. Maybe add some queso this week 😉 Tacos are so easy but also versatile so it’s easy to change the meat to shrimp, fish, or pork. A vegetarian version is beans and rice to make a complete protein. Enjoy the versatility of tacos 🙂

Wednesday: Creamy Chicken and Gnocchi New dinner idea! I randomly saw gnocchi in the store the other day and impulsively grabbed it. I love a chewy texture and gnocchi fits the bill. I just googled gnocchi recipes and this one came up. The sauce is a heavy cream sauce, but the flavors come together and my kids even were adventuresome and tried it and actually liked it 🙂

Thursday: Buffalo Chicken + Sweet Potatoes, Soccer night so I am going to try and have something prepared so when we get home it will be ready. In line with my blog post this week about Food for the Soul, I have a memory of going to visit a sweet friend who lived in Portland, Maine for a year. Sarah and I flew up to see her with my 3rd baby, and I remember my friend having this meal prepared and it just tasted so good. Again, I was just so excited to see her and loved the fact she thought of a nutritious meal that was simple so we could enjoy full bellies and good conversation. I am linking two recipes that are easy to adapt and pick from. The main gist is to have shredded chicken mixed with half mayo, half Frank’s hot sauce and to bake sweet potatoes. Recipe 1 and Recipe 2.

Friday: Pizza out or homemade pizza in 🙂 Sarah swears by the Publix take and bake pizza dough in the refrigerated section, so if you are near a Publix check it out.

Weekend treat: Salted Brown Butter Crispy Treats The only way to eat a rice crispy in our opinion. Salty, sweet, tall, and fluffy. Always salt the top and enjoy.

We are coming off Sarah’s surgery and onto another week. The end of school is in sight and we call it the end of the school year gauntlet. We hope these meal plans help give you a little sanity in your life during this especially busy season.



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Meal Plan 16.0

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