Meal Plan 17.0

This week has been a whirlwind and we are now running down what Kimberly and I like to call the gauntlet that is the final weeks of school. Just looking at the calendar will make us feel a little sideways for sure! I know my family is definitley all over the place these days so I’m trying to keep our menus pretty simple and to the point!

Monday: Burgers. Its as simple as that! I saw some pretzel buns at the store the other day and I really love pretzel buns so I think that calls for a burger night. I’ll throw in a salad and some sweet potato fries and call it a night!

Tuesday: Taco tuesday, naturally. We are starting to get more lettuce from our CSA so this may warp into taco salad night!

Wednesday: Speedy Smash Dumpling Tacos I am seeing the smash tacos everywhere now and I’ve been curious. This one is an Asian twist and we love those flavors in our family so this is one we are excited to try! I’ll make our favorite coconut rice and add a cucumber and edamame salad to go with it!

Thursday: Salmon night. Its just as much a staple as taco night for us! My mom just grabbed me a bag of frozen Salmon from Costco so we are restocked and ready to roll. I still have my Trader Joes Salmon rub that we are loving, add some rice or sweet potatoes and probably another salad for us and its just such an easy go to meal that comes together so quickly.

Friday: Sake and black sugar braised pulled pork sliders from Bon Appetit. I got Daikon radishes in our CSA box this week and they will be so good with this recipe! I love trying something new and BA is usually one I can count on for a delicious and adventurous recipe!

Weekend treat: I’ve really been craving a treat that is more pastry than anything else but we all know that takes time and planning. We have such a full weekend ahead but I am really hoping to squeak out some cinnamon rolls because they just sound so so good to me! If I get it together I’ll make sourdough cinnamon rolls but my go to recipe otherwise is from Cooks Illustrated and they truly are the absolute best.

Happy cooking!



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Meal Plan 17.0

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