Hump Day Happies 5.8.24

LMNT Zero-Sugar Electrolytes: I know we have mentioned a few drink tablet/packets already but we are always interested in new things. We recently discovered LMNT and both really like it. I find it similar to Liquid IV, but without the added sugar. It is also salty and you should know by now that Sarah and I both love a salty situation. Yes, we still drink the Nuuns almost daily at our house, but I have the variety pack of the LMNT packets for myself. Especially with hotter days in sight, replenishing our electrolytes is always a good thing.

Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend: This is a must in our households. I have a feeling many of you have been using this seasoning blend for a while now, but if you have not, then please go get one or two or three. I now live only a few miles from a Trader Joe’s, but I still don’t frequent it often. So when I do go, I definitely stock up on this seasoning blend. My kids eat it as well as I do, so we use it quickly. My favorite way to use the seasoning is on my egg breakfast sandwich. A close second is sourdough bread, cream cheese, and smashed avocado sprinkled heavily with this seasoning. Mmmm, just so good. Other stores carry different versions, but TJ’s is simply the best.

Squatty Potty: You know where we are going with this one, haha. If you don’t know, then go read Sarah’s latest blog post here. Pooping is essential to our bodies and poop actually gives really good information about how our bodies are functioning. The term used in Sarah’s post op recovery papers was gastric motility. We both have had good giggles over the bowels. I personally don’t have a squatty potty, but probably should due to my short legs. Take it or leave it as you will 😉

Kid toothbrushes from Amazon: We have found these toothbrushes useful for our household. We have four girls that share one bathroom. Each kid has a small bathroom cup that holds their toothbrush. These toothbrushes have an opening in the bottom that will slide over the cup and not get mixed up with all the other toothbrushes in a drawer etc. Nothing special about them other than the ability to slide onto a cup rim 🙂 But keeping up with toothbrushes can be a task all in itself sometimes.

Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 5.8.24

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