Meal Plan 18.0

Its a BIG week at our house coming up! The countdown to high school graduation has officially begun and I know my brain will just be scattered all week long! Cheers to the week ahead and the may smiles and tears that are sure to come along with it!

Monday: Thai Cashew coconut rice with peanut sauce Its getting warm here in TN which means I lean in on things that are super fresh and cooler in nature. I cook up some chicken and add it to these bowls. Kimberly and I love the coconut rice in this recipe and have included it in our meal plans often but the entire bowl is delicious!

Tuesday: Tacos of course. With all the things! I love having a no brainer kind of staple!

Wednesday: Chicken Gyros from Whats Gabby Cooking I love all of Gabby’s recipes so this one is bound to be yummy! I just discovered that the Joseph’s brand has Greek pitas that I can get at Walmart at they are so good if you can find them!

Thursday: Honey lime salmon with mango salsa I have been craving mango lately for some unknown reason so mango salsa sounds even better! I’ll cook up some rice and roast some asparagus and call it a day!

Friday: This is a BIG day in our family because its high school graduation day! We are going to eat a late lunch or early dinner, whatever that 3:00 hour is called, because graduation time falls right at dinner time. My mom is going to make a Raffaello cake that will be amazing (I’ll share on our IG!) and I’m in charge of the graduation meal! We have a couple places that make some really good BBQ around here so I will pick that up and then make all the sides to go along with it. Roasted sweet potatoes, slaw and a big ole salad!

Weekend treat: Nourishing Almond Flour Banana Bread Kimberly’s husband found this recipe and she shared it with me! We had bananas that needed to be used so we whipped it up and really enjoyed it. Its not super sweet, which I prefer and has some extra add ins that give it some extra nutritional pizzaz!

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Meal Plan 18.0

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