Hump Day Happies 5.15.24

I’m calling this week Sarah’s hump day happies 🙂 She rolled through some good ones the other day and the list is as follows…

Avara Caitlyn Dress: Fast shipping, perfect color match, charming petite detail, no constriction, and decent price…here is the “mom” graduation dress for this year. Due to her daughter’s high school’s patriotic colors this was a no brainer and even better once it arrived. Runs true to size.

Miracle Balm All Over Glow: Jones Road Miracle Balm, not going to lie I have not heard of this product before, but Sarah is the one that knows all things about the face. I always trust her recs for anything to do with our beauty, ha! This balm looks enticing and moisturizing. I am plagued with dry skin as well. Who doesn’t like a glow up?

Revlon Color Silk Beautiful Color Hair Coloring kit: This is Sarah’s go to to keep her looking young and beautiful. Embracing gray is a whole thing and sometimes we just aren’t ready for it. Don’t get us wrong, we admire the people who embrace the gray and we think they are simply stunning. This kit is easy for the dark locks. I don’t have that issue at this time so thankful for that. If you need a quick fix then give this a go.

Chamberlain Coffee: This coffee has been the biggest giggle. Sarah and I have no clue who Emma Chamberlain is and we have learned alot this week. The best part is that Sarah found this coffee at Walmart and thought the packaging was cute. She also said the flavor was good, so an all around Win!

LMNT drink packets: I know I mentioned these last week, but they saved my life while I was out with the stomach bug 🙂 I have really enjoyed these drink packets and will definitely be purchasing them again. Sarah likes half a packet in a large cup i.e. Stanley 40oz or Nalgene 32oz, but I like a full packet 🙂 I got the variety pack and enjoyed all the flavors.

Cheers to another Hump Day! Enjoy the downhill for the rest of the week.



Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 5.15.24

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