Meal Plan 19.0

Our May-hem or May-cember is coming to a close. We have 4 more days of school next week and it will be filled with Field Day, field trips to the Zoo, Awards, and more! The days are getting longer and summer vibes are in the air. I am ready to break the routine and let the girls sleep in and have some lazy mornings. Hope this week gives you some ideas to allow for less decision fatigue on the meal planning.

Monday: Sausage and Peppers + Salad + bread. This meal was new to me when I married Matt. It truly is so simple and quick for a week night. He used true Italian link sausage, but I like the Aidells® Smoked Chicken Sausage Chicken and Apple Sausage Links. Other ingredients are 3-4 colored bell peppers, 1 onion, and a jar of spaghetti sauce. Saute the peppers and onions, add the sausage links till brown on the outside, pour over the sauce and let simmer to your liking. Serve with bread to sop it up and a salad for some greens.

Tuesday: Tacos or Nachos whichever you prefer. We like the Tortilla Land tortillas in our household. The raw kind you have to cook or not 😉 My kids for whatever reason eat them “raw.” After having the stomach bug last weekend, salty chips and salsa were the only things that tasted good to me for a couple of days. Don’t forget the Siete Maiz Lime Tortilla Chips. Hands down best ever.

Wednesday: BBQ night. Pork tenderloin in the crockpot, shred before dinner, serve on slider buns, Bush’s baked beans, and sauteed mixed greens kale and swiss chard from our CSA we are currently getting this spring.

Thursday: Sheet pan chicken + salad. Quick version of the grilled chicken night I love to host in the summers. Less chopping with a basic salad topped with chicken. We have a lemon pepper seasoning that we all love for the chicken. I will forever be a ranch girl! While pregnant with my 4th, the only thing I craved was grilled chicken salad with Ranch. Before that pregnancy I was a balsamic vinegar gal. Who knew? I try different ranches all the time and my current kick is Field + Farmer Ranch.

Friday: Dinner out! Give yourself a break and discover a new restaurant in town 🙂

Weekend cheers: Duck Farts! You heard me! Duck Farts. Sarah discovered this little “treat” a few years back and it’s a special thing we drink sometimes when we are together. This little shot of goodness warms you up down to the soul. You need three items and it is equal parts in one shot glass:

  • 1/2 oz. Kahlua
  • 1/2 oz. Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 1/2 oz. Whiskey

Cheers to another week of eating!



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Meal Plan 19.0

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