Hump Day Happies 5.22.24

It’s the summer bag issue…who doesn’t love bags? I have a slight obsession myself. This week we will give you all our recommendations for the best bags we love and use.

ABLE Alem Backpack in the color whiskey: I am obsessed with this backpack. I bought it when my third baby was coming around and have used it religiously since. So this bag is going on 4 strong years of daily use toting around diapers and computers to work. I love a tote but also love a backpack because I find it stays on my shoulders without falling off. There are two large zip compartments, side pockets big enough to hold a Nalgene water bottle (win for me), and a small zip pocket on the front. I love the leather look and keep it seasoned with the leather conditioner when I remember. Sarah also has a tote from Able that is well loved and seasoned. She has used it day in and out for many years and is still going strong. Any product from Able is simply beautiful and made to last. Their customer service is outstanding as well.

Large Natural 5 Pocket Zip Top Canvas Tote Bag from Lands End: This tote is the quintessential summer tote. Sarah and I both have the large zip top. I have had mine for a couple of summers and the quality makes going to the pool on a daily basis seamless. I have a herd of children with so many towels, goggles, sunscreen, extra clothes, diapers, etc. This tote holds it all and stands the weight of all the baggage. I have also seen people use this tote as their kids actual luggage and I think that is a smart move as well.

Everywhere Belt Bag 1L : We all know by now the “fannie pack” is back. Anybody keep theirs from once upon a time? I don’t personally have the actual Lulu bag but a knock off from Amazon. I simply love having something like this bag because it can hold all the essentials such as keys, phone, and cards so I can be hands free at the park, grocery store, or out for a quick errand vs. toting the large backpack as mentioned above. Lately, I have been keeping my small fannie pack in the backpack as my wallet. That has been super convenient as well. Sarah and I both have the fannie packs and her girls have them as well. The new/old essential is back in action and better than ever. So many options and colors to choose from. Go get one in your color. If you don’t know by now about what “colors” are, then read this post 🙂

Goodr sunglasses: Who doesn’t own a pair of Goodrs? I have been through several pair personally. The price tag is just right and make it easy to get a couple of pairs to have on hand. I don’t worry when my kids get a hold of them either like I would an expensive pair of sunglasses. Maybe when my kids are older I’ll invest in a nicer pair. I have this particular pattern called Bosley’s Basset Hound Dreams which is a turtle rim. Can I tell you I think every mom I know has this same pair? I am coining it the mom pair of glasses. I went to my oldest’s first soccer practice and I think 4 of the moms there had this pair on. Made me giggle. Perfect pair of glasses for pool side lounging as well.

Happy humpty dumpty day! Our kiddos will be out for summer tomorrow and we are all pretty excited around here. Happy summer!



Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 5.22.24

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