Hump Day Happies 6.12.24

Monogrammed Tote Organizer: For all you ladies with the tote bag that is a dark hole! Have you ever tried a purse insert? I currently use my Able Backpack and don’t need an insert, but I have used a tote in the past and know the struggle of the black hole that quickly becomes the Mary Poppins bag. We love organization here at N.O.W., so anything that can give us a little more breathing room and bring joy we like to try it 🙂

Hey Sunday Laundry Sheets: Sarah has recently tried the laundry sheets and she chose this brand. There are several brands on the market but laundry sheets are so much more efficient than a pod meaning significantly less plastic from the container itself and the actual pod. The packaging takes up less space on your shelf making it a no brainer. I remember my mom getting the giant tubs of laundry from Sam’s as a child and it weighed at least 8lbs! Sheets make it easy for the ever learning girls to know how much to put into the laundry as well. I still use the Molly’s Suds and continue to love it. I know several people that use the sheets and love them too. Sarah will have to report back on her thoughts.

Reusable Produce Bags: Are you a fan of the plastic produce bags at the grocery? I rarely use them and put the produce in my cart unless there is more than one item rolling around. Sarah has never loved the plastic veggie bags and would always put the produce directly in the cart. I never thought twice about it truly, but after she mentioned her dislike for big bags at the grocery I have her thoughts in my head…haha…I have not purchased these particular bags but now I just put my produce in the cart and make sure to wash it.

Lemongrass Farm Trek Insect Repellent: Do you loathe mosquitoes like we do? Maybe you are immune or maybe you get eaten up? Both Sarah and I have never liked bug spray but we came across this brand and are giving it a good “college try” as my husband says. We will have to report back, but we both have this spray on hand to begin using this summer. The website claims it is magical and they definitely make you think so with their description. Stay tuned.

Happy hump day again! Can you believe we are already two weeks into June? Time flies! We are knee deep into swim team and loving it. All the N.O.W. girls swim and Sarah and I call it a love hate relationship, but ultimately the end game is always a win. We hope you enjoy this week’s happies…get organized, enjoy laundry, and keep mosquitoes away!



Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 6.12.24

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