Hump Day Happies 6.19.24

Saltair Moisture Bound Dry Hair Shampoo: Sarah grabbed this the other day and is giving it a 10/10. I haven’t tried it so can’t speak to it, but I honestly don’t use a dry shampoo very often. But this is readily available at Target.

Cuisinart Touchscreen Burr Mill Coffee Grinder: Sarah’s new coffee grinder. Her old one went kaput, but honestly it wasn’t old and a frustrating situation. But this new one is doing the magic of grinding the beans just the way she likes and with a touch screen. Snazzy right? Also did I mention this one is very affordable, see link.

Lake Pajamas: Sarah’s birthday surprise! I can tell you I have heard about Lake pajamas ever since college. I have googly eyed them for years and then decided it was time one of us had a pair and she was the lucky one first. We have been wearing Face Plant Dreams Bamboo pajamas for years and truly love them, but mine are starting to wear down and get funky, so I am on a pajama kick and will put Lake pajamas on all my wish lists this year. Sarah says they are truly what pajama dreams are made of. Luxuriously soft and petite detail make them a delight. I also purchased a pair that goes with her Autumn colors 😉

Nani Swimwear Switch V Crop: I just got this new top and cute crab print bottoms to go with. I have had a Nani swimwear suit for the last 4-6 years (time flies and I don’t remember) and my old one was getting stretched a bit thin. I also found out that this brand is sold at REI! Who knew? Obviously there are more color options online, but still nice to see it in a store as well. These swimsuits are so nice! Full coverage, don’t come off in the water, and have plenty of sizes and styles to fit everyone’s needs.

Enjoy this week’s HDH and wish Sarah a happy birthday!



Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 6.19.24

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