Meal Plan 23.0

Summer is well underway and that can mean some wonky schedules sometimes so I like to try to keep meals super fresh and simple!

Monday: Grilled chicken salads with all the fixings and some fresh bread. We love a grilled chicken salad bar and my standard dressing lately is this italian dressing from Love and Lemons .

Tuesday: Burgers on the grill. Keep it simple and use a good seasoning or venture out and try something new like the Chipotle Chedar Chicken burgers from Half Baked Harvest. I also love a good brioche bun with our burgers!

Wednesday: Grilled Sourdough pizza or grilled BBQ chicken pizza if you don’t have sourdough! I have wanted to try a grilled pizza for a while so I’m going to give it a whirl! We will have a nice fresh salad on the side with it!

Thursday: Taco Thursday, or make it Tuesday. Just make tacos because its a weekly standard and one less thing to decide ;).

Friday: Brami pasta with italian chicken sausage and either marinara or pesto. Kimberly and I are not huge pasta people and before Brami its just not something we ate much of but since finding the Brami pasta (I can find it at Walmart!) we don’t mind a pasta dish every once in a while which makes my kids very happy!

Weekend Treat: I love everything about this recipe and have had my eye on it for a while! If my weekend allows this will be included because YOLO!

Happy cooking!



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Meal Plan 23.0

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