Hump Day Happies 6.26.24

The 40oz Quencher from Stanley: We all know and love this cup. Several years ago some reel or tik tok video caused this cup to go viral and Stanley went from zero to hero. Sarah and I both jumped on the bandwagon a few years later for sure, but we have enjoyed this cup. It does fit in cup holders which is the best win and holds so much water. Obviously keeps your drink cold or hot and for a long time. My new obsession this summer is making a shake and I put my shake in this tumbler.

32 oz Wide Mouth Nalgene: The classic Nalgene is probably my favorite water bottle. Even though I have my Stanley, I am partial to the Nalgene. I have had my Nalgene for so many years and it’s still going strong. I have this gulping habit and would prefer to drink from an open top than use a straw. The Nalgene is also useful for mixing drink packets such as LMNT or my creatine because I can shake it really well. The downfall is that it does not fit into cup holders, but someone already solved that problem for us and I found a cupholder adapter for the car. Nalgenes are basically indestructible 😉

Yeti 20oz Tumbler: Now onto the Yeti, so many options right? My husband has this cup and he uses it for multi purposes. Starts with coffee in the am and onto beer at the pool in the pm. This cup does fit into cup holders and keeps the drinks hot or cold. Yeti and Stanley are very similar so depending on which brand you want to support is your choice. Both are made to last and work well.

Camelbak 12oz Insulated Water bottle for kids: All my kids have this water bottle. We carry them everywhere! We also take the straw out of them and they just tip the bottle up to drink. The valve is replaceable so we do that often. 10/10 for our family on these water bottles.

Happy hump day! Enjoy the water cup edition 🙂 Till next time!



Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 6.26.24

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