Meal Plan 24.0

Can you believe June has flown by? Hello July! We actually will be traveling some this week so truly our meal plans will be unconventional but here is a plan for those of you who will be staying home and need some ideas. We have a birthday this week and it’s the 4th.

Monday: Greek Chicken Pitas: Sarah mentioned this meal a little while ago as an easy button meal. I immediately added it to my meal plan and the flavors are just too good. Grab some Joseph’s Greek Style Pitas at Wal-Mart, make some tzatziki, pan fry some chicken tenders and ta-da! Chopped cucumbers and tomatoes are also good additions to the pita. Enjoy this quick and easy fresh meal.

Tuesday: Salmon bowls: I made this concoction and need to share! Bake salmon with a little S&P, make our beloved coconut rice, saute a big pan of veggies (I was using up some CSA veggies so an idea of what I mean include onion, sweet potato, bell pepper, beets, kale, and chard), make this Sesame Ginger sauce and pour over the veggies. Assemble the bowls and be prepared for a party in your mouth. 🙂

Wednesday: Shrimp Pad Thai + broccoli. I have mentioned this recipe before but I have been craving it again and the prep is so easy and the flavors are simple and amazing. I leave out the peppers in the sauce because I am a wimp and don’t like spicy. This would be good especially if you are at the beach and can get some fresh shrimp.

Thursday: Happy 4th of July! Go grill something, eat some corn on the cob and cut up a watermelon 🙂 There are also plenty of watermelon feta cheese salads out there that have really nice flavors if you like that.

Friday: Finish the week with easy tacos or nachos 🙂

Coctail: Sarah found this Lavender Lemonade cocktail and I am definitely going to try it this weekend. We both have fallen in love with our lavender syrup and this drink sounds so refreshing with these hot days of summer hanging around.

Happy July!



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Meal Plan 24.0

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