Hump Day Happies 7.3.24

This weeks Hump Day Happies are brought to you by a night without the kids! Its a rare thing but it is so fun to have a night to do whatever you want to do. These nights can leave me feeling like I need to do 875 things but also like I just don’t want to do anything at all. So heres a few favorites for if you choose a little self care 🙂

Ouai (pronouced, way) chill pills. These are bath bombs that smells like heaven and really do leave my skin super soft. They have become a favorite! As a side note…they also make a dog shampoo that smells amazing lol.

Faceplant Bamboo plush cardigan – this was gifted to me and it feels like a big hug. Kimberly and I have both loved all things faceplant for years and have slowly built our collection of their pajamas which we deeply love. We are lucky enough to have a local boutique shop that carries the brand but if you are not local, they are amazing.

Bare faced face shaving kit – there is nothing like taking extra time on your skincare when you have a night to yourself. I have been shaving my face for several years with the tinkle razors that you can get on amazon and decided to up my game because hello 40’s. The reviews on this kit are amazing and I will tell you that my face feels baby soft after using it! If you are not familiar with face shaving it is great for exfoliation and is similar to the derma-planing that you might get at your local facialist. Highly recommend!

Sophie James Wine – I know we’ve mentioned it before but its worth mentioning again! This has become my favorite wine. Its special in every way but I absolutely love how pure it is. They distill their wine to zero sugar and they use all organic practices in their farming and you can taste the difference. Now, I know not all organic wine = good wine. But this one is GOOD. Go find and follow her on the IG to keep up with the latest news and updates on when they open their wine club.

The Bear – Watch it on Hulu…I really have loved this one, but really. Just find a show you love to watch and enjoy a few episodes while nobody needs you!



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Hump Day Happies 7.3.24

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