Meal Plan 25.0

Monday: Peach Salsa Halloumi Bowls Get ready for a taste of summer in your mouth. I honestly didn’t know what halloumi was, so you are not alone, ha! I would personally add a grilled fish or chicken to this summer explosion. This recipe starts with our favorite coconut rice plus some beans for fiber. Top with grilled protein or the Halloumi cheese if you can find it and add the salsa and dressing for immense flavor. Tell Sarah thank you for trying this one and telling us about it 🙂

Tuesday: Taco Tuesday…continued staple even in the summer time. We have been serving corn on the cob as a side to the usual taco. Other options include corn mango salsa or use some of the leftover cilantro lime dressing from Monday’s recipe to change the flavor of the taco.

Wednesday: Monday’s prep will be somewhat time consuming so lets take a break and throw a sheet pan meal together. Bake some chicken breasts or thighs with some sweet potatoes and a veggie of your choice. We like broccoli at our house.

Thursday: We will be at the final swim meet of the season so dinner will be a mixed bag of snacks and/or take out. For those of you at home I recommend an easy dinner of take out yourself as a mid week reprieve. Give yourself a break and wish my kiddos luck! haha…

Friday: Grill night…throw some steaks on the grill and add a skewer of veggies to pair with such as this. Summer is the time for all things on the grill and veggies are in season.

Summer treat: Easy Peach Cobbler served with vanilla ice cream. Can’t get any better than that. Summer peaches are readily available now so use them up 🙂

Happy cooking and even better eating this week! Can’t believe school will start in one short month for us. Trying to soak up all the summer we can around here while still getting good meals. Till next time.



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Meal Plan 25.0

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