Mother’s Day is literally around the corner. Maybe you are the type of person who has had plans for a month now and cannot wait for the plans to come to fruition. Or maybe you are in a panic or have great anxiety about this upcoming holiday. Or you could possibly think about the holiday […]

Mother’s Day, The Conflicted Holiday

Cheers to making it to the other side of uterine liberation day, as one of my friends termed it!  We have made it to the other side, hallelujah and amen.  I am still solidly in the recovery zone and there will certainly be more from both Kimberly and I to report on the hormone journey […]

Minus an Organ + The Awesomeness of Mesh Underwear

So Sarah had surgery today. I drove down to take her to surgery and at least get to be with her one day after before having to zoom off for other family obligations. In preparing for her surgery, I had the urge to make her several meals that could be frozen and a lot of […]

Food That Feeds The Soul

Well, here we are just one week away from surgery.  Its been a roller coaster of ups and downs but its the final countdown.  I think its too late to flee and hope my uterus does magical things right??  Haha!  I joke…a little bit.  I had an unplanned c-section with my first baby so this […]

Intentional wellness…to prepare for surgery

Last week we gave you our introduction to how we got started making sourdough bread. If you missed it, go back and give it a read 🙂 This week we are going to give you the Sarah and Kimberly Sourdough Guide for beginners and for life!  As mentioned last week you need a starter. Ask […]

Sourdough Rebels Part 2

Sourdough Rebels I am blaming Sarah for our sourdough shenanigan adventures. You will find I blame Sarah for a lot of things that we do or products that we try. We both bring adventure in a different way to our friendship. I am more of the sporty active adventurer and she is more of the […]

Sourdough Rebels

Oh, where to begin. We heard the beginnings of Sarah’s story last week and this week is the beginning of my story. I am currently 37 years old and have had 4 kiddos starting at age 29. So my body has been through quite some changes in the past 8 years. I have always prided […]

Hormones Gone Rogue Part 2

When I say the word “menopause”, for most of us it elicits images of our mothers and an age that is definitely 50 and over.  Its really not something we give much thought space to because in reality we all feel like we have a long time before we have to give it much consideration.  […]

Hormones Gone Rogue

From Sarah: You’ve probably seen it on the gram at this point in time.  The colors.  The drapes.  The seasons.  This isn’t a new concept of course but as with most things, new versions come into the picture.  Kimberly was the one who discovered House of Colour when she found out that our friend, Brooke, […]

How Colors Gave Us Confidence

In the realm of warehouse shopping, there’s a showdown between two retail giants that moms everywhere are familiar with: Sam’s Club and Costco. It’s safe to say, we are all busy in our everyday lives and trying to stretch our hard-earned dollars and keep our grocery budgets from exceeding our mortgage payments, all while keeping […]

Costco vs. Sam’s club