An honest review of the Ember mug

The Ember mug.  You’ve seen it.  You know about it and you are really curious if that price tag is actually worth it.  Kimberly and I both own one and we are spilling the beans on all of our thoughts about our Ember mugs!


Oh the Ember mug…let us count the ways we truly love you lol.  When people notice I’m drinking from an Ember mug they’re often curious about this seemingly overpriced bougie mug situation.  I get it…these babies aren’t cheap and it’s a lot of cash dollars to invest into something you aren’t sure is worth it to you!  I always tell them, yes, its ridiculous and it brings me great joy on a daily basis.  I live in a house built in the 1950’s and it never had a built in microwave.  Sure, I could add one but I have a whole thing about my counter tops feeling cluttered so I have simply never wanted to add a microwave to our kitchen. There were plenty of mornings my cup of coffee went cold while doing all the things we do to get everyone going.  And yes, there are insulated travel mugs but I really really LOVE to drink my coffee in a mug.  My first step to solve my cold coffee issue was to buy a Yeti coffee mug that had a lid.  It works.  It’s fine, but it’s still not really that coffee mug feeling. Then I was gifted an Ember mug.  I didn’t even know what I didn’t know.  I’d seen them but never considered it because they’re pricey!  My coffee lover’s heart was instantly in love.

So, whats to love about it so much? I like my coffee hot…not burn your mouth hot but you know.  My Ember keeps it at the temperature I set my mug at (through the app) for the entire time I’m drinking it.  Gotta run out the door to drop a kid off at dance?  No worries, I set it on its charging coaster and when I return its the same temperature as when I left.  And it doesn’t ever get that burnt taste like coffee does when it sits in the coffee pot too long.  I also never have to stir it to disperse the heat.  It stays uniformly warm.  On cold days sometimes I like to drink hot beverages all day long…like much longer than the battery life off the charger allows.  I simply plug in my coaster at my desk and let my mug sit on the coaster while I work.  Again, perfectly hot tea or bone broth for as long as it takes me to drink it. For me, the temperature of my hot beverages just matters.  The Ember is a game changer if you are the same.  

Some caveats to note!  One thing I really was not aware of when I got my Ember is that you have to be gentle with the surface.  I have always stirred my creamer with a little metal spoon.  I was not aware that this could damage the coating on the mug so mine started to chip away on the inside after a while.  I contacted Ember about it and their customer service was excellent. Since I was within their warranty period they replaced my mug!  I also had an issue with my charging coaster that caused it to be very finicky about charging.  I have since learned that the bottom of the mug needs to be very dry before you put it on the coaster to charge.  Again, I reached out to Ember and they replaced my coaster.  10/10 on their customer service in my experience!  

Its been about 4 years now (??) and my love afair with my Ember is going strong.  If I go on vacation, it comes with me.  We have a dance competition coming up that will be a weekend long event. You can bet my Ember will be coming with me. If you’ve ever been on the fence we highly recommend it.  It truly is a spark of joy for both Kimberly and I…just don’t forget to charge it at night ;).  


If you are a coffee drinker listen in. If you don’t drink coffee, listen in for the perfect gift for your coffee drinking friend or relative. I did not start drinking coffee until after I had my second child. I did not grow up in a house of coffee drinkers and my parents still don’t drink coffee to this day. My vivid memory of coffee is of my grandparents drinking coffee with such grace and satisfaction that I just knew it had to be good. They would sit peacefully and sip coffee out of their favorite mug or occasionally fine china. The aroma would fill the house in the morning and afternoon of a visit at their house. Most of the time afternoon coffee would be accompanied by a sweet treat, granted we were typically at my grandparents houses around the holidays. I even remember my grandfather telling my brother that coffee would make his hair curly. Ha! 

Even after my second child I did not drink coffee on the regular. I could take it or leave it. I wanted to be able to love it and enjoy it when I drank it. I didn’t want to set my cup down and find it 30 min later only having to warm it up in the microwave or top it off with hot coffee still in the pot, or just waste it and throw it out because it got cold and had sat out for hours due to running around with my kids. My vision of my grandparents enjoying their coffee was ingrained in my head and I was chasing that dream. Again, I do realize they were grandparents and had minimal responsibilities and could take the time to sit and enjoy the coffee. But still, mamas need hot coffee! 

Sarah had received the Ember Mug as a Christmas present probably about a year or more before I got mine. At first, I was unimpressed and did not understand the concept. Coffee was not a regular rhythm for me then. But soon after, one of my best friends from PT school got the Ember Mug as well as her husband. Her husband is a researcher and I am always swayed by their opinions. She kept talking about how nice it was to have warm coffee all morning even if she forgot about her mug for a few minutes while dealing with her kids. Basically she kept preaching hot coffee for 1.5 hours in the morning! I mean amazing right? After listening to her continuously rave about the Ember Mug, she convinced me to “ask” for one as a gift. The upcoming holiday was Valentines. Matt is always kind and sweet to get me something for Valentines but it’s typically not a gift on a list of mine. And honestly, we don’t do “big” gifts for Valentines either, just the usual flowers and cards. The Ember Mug is one of those “big” gifts in my opinion, but simply the best. After intense convincing from Sarah and my friend to my husband, because he thought a coffee cup was not romantic enough, Matt came through and gifted me the Ember Mug for Valentines. Nothing is more romantic than hot coffee to a mama! That was two if not three years ago. Time is fleeting for me these days and I can barely remember how old I am. So you will have to forgive me on the exact date. But I can honestly say I have had it for at least 2 years! Life has never been the same. Truly. There is just something merciful and life giving about taking a sip of hot coffee in the quiet space of a morning. And even more merciful and life giving when you have hot coffee an hour later and you are still on the same cup! 

This is an honest opinion and an unpaid partnership. Maybe if enough of you go buy Ember Mugs we might get something going… our dreams. We hope that if you purchase the Ember Mug you will love it just as much and be able to sip your coffee with grace and satisfaction like my grandparents did. 

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An honest review of the Ember mug

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