Hump Day Happies 2.6.24

Happy Wednesday!! Theres nothing we love like sharing our favorite things that bring us a spark of joy. Here are the things we mentioned last week that we love and use in our every day lives!

OXO Precision Pour Oil Dispenser – We both love this dispenser. Its simple and you can really control the output of the oil! Just remember that light affects olive oil so we both keep our in our cabinet 🙂

Clean Simple Eats Protein Powder – There are so many protein powders to choose from and it can become overwhelming. We both like this brand for its clean ingredients and it doesn’t hurt our tummies!

Magic Spoon Cereal – Listen…I’ve (Sarah) tried a few of the “high protein” style cereals out there. I don’t like any of them. But this one…I love it. I love to mix the peanut butter and the chocolate. There is something amazing about eating some cereal and knowing I’m getting a protein boost. Because lets face it, its really hard to meet our protein goals sometimes. And sometimes, cereal just tastes soooo good. Let me be clear….in our house this is mom’s cereal and the kids all know it ;). I can get mine at our local Walmart so I grab it when I grocery shop.

Lodge 15″ cast iron skillet – This is the big daddy skillet. We both own it and love it and its amazing for those one pan skillet recipes! Kimberly has a gas stove top and it heats nice and evenly for her! Sarah has electric so its a bit more tricky to cook in it on top of the stove but either way its amazing and has been great for our bigger families.

The Ember Mug – Yes, its a splurge. We know…don’t hate us. But we LOVE it so much that we want everyone to know its a game changer. We recommend the 14 oz (which Kimberly has). The 10oz is fine too…you just fill your cup a time or two (assuming you drink more than one cup of course). Read all about our love for the Ember mug on our blog post.

Happy Hump day! We hope you have some sparks of joy today 🙂


Sarah & Kimberly

Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 2.6.24

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