Hump Day Happies 6.5.24

Fix My Skin Lip Balm: This is the miracle lip balm I mentioned this week. I have used it for years just on the occasion that my lips get majorly chapped. I have always had issues with my lips and nothing seems to cure it except this balm. Spots come and go in life and I typically have issues in the winter, but for some reason I got a dry patch that came up this spring and has now resolved due to a couple days use of this.

Intellishade TruPhysical tinted daily moisturizer with 100% mineral sunscreen. This is the magical sunscreen moisturizer that Sarah swears by all year round. I have tried other similar products including Beautycounter (but Beautycounty is having issues right now), so I am about to jump on board with the Intellishade train as soon as they do a sale. I tried Sarah’s once and it was very nice on my skin. Just remember to find some sunscreen you like to keep your face protected.

Superscreen Hydrating Daily Cream SPF 40: Another good moisturizer plus sunscreen on days you don’t want to put on a foundation. The skin care world is full of choices and more choices and even more choices. Over the years Sarah and I have used many a product, but at the end of the day you have to use something that you like.

Tonic from Skin By Blair: As Sarah mentioned in her blog post, we all need a good exfoliator in our lives. This tonic truly is cost effective and lasts forever. As noted on their website: “Our cult-favorite age-defying and exfoliating toner contains a unique blend of 6 skin acids to brighten, clarify, and improve the skin’s appearance overnight.”

Face Oil: On nights you need a good moisturizer, which is most every night for me, Sarah and I both love a face oil. We discovered a face oil from a local esthetician who made her own. I still dream of that oil because I have not had access to it in so long and keep forgetting to grab some when I go visit Sarah. Back in the day of being a teen in the 90’s or rather the late 1900’s, putting oil on your face was taboo. But now in the early 2000’s, I believe oil is perfectly fine and good and like a balm to the face.

Vit C: Oh Vit C…you can break the bank on this product and sometimes we scratch our heads and wonder if it is really doing something, but the research says it’s important. So, for skin care on a budget like us, we have found this Vit. C to be highly recommended. I linked the actual website, but Target sells it as well.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s HDH face edition. A big thanks to Sarah for all her skin care advice. We joke with each other and say that she is going to look 40 at 80 and I am going to be the old wrinkly lady walking the beach. We are wired so differently and that is what makes our friendship go around. I do like to take care of my face, so I heed her advice and am always influenced by her product choice. If you have any other favorites or routines that you like then we would love to hear them. Till next time.



Hump Day Happies




Hump Day Happies 6.5.24

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