This week has been a whirlwind and we are now running down what Kimberly and I like to call the gauntlet that is the final weeks of school. Just looking at the calendar will make us feel a little sideways for sure! I know my family is definitley all over the place these days so […]

Meal Plan 17.0

Monday: Sheet Pan Honey Garlic Chicken and Feta Potatoes This was a dish that was brought to Sarah after her surgery and it was quite tasteful so I thought I would share. The flavors blend a nice surprise with a salty sweet flavor from the balsamic and feta/olive mixture. So, if you like those flavors […]

Meal Plan 16.0

Whew! Its been a whole week and here we are at Friday again! We hope you have a lovely weekend ahead with some lovely weather. Heres what we will be cooking next week…we hope its helpful! Monday: Salmon, roasted asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes. Its just a staple at this point! I got a bag […]

Meal Plan 15.0

Another week down another week to go to feed all the people. We hope this helps to give you a little more simplicity about feeding your family. We try hard to make well rounded meals on the daily, but sometimes we have hard evenings and pivot with a frozen pizza 🙂 Give yourself some grace […]

Meal Plan 14.0

It’s hard to believe we are rolling into the second week of April already. I want time to slow down for so many reasons, one being the mounting pressure to have a solid game plan in place for my daughter’s graduation this year (How!?!). But I digress. All the things will eventually get done right? […]

Meal Plan 13.0

Monday: Sheet Pan Chicken + veggies. Throw some chicken on a parchment paper lined sheet pan and season however you want. Toss a mix of veggies with olive oil S&P on another sheet pan and bake! You can do both together at 375 deg for about 30 min. I personally love colored bell peppers and […]

Meal Plan 12.0

Its been a full week and its time to get my ducks in a row for the weekend to hit the grocery store! I’ll be in Kimberly’s big city this weekend so there may be a Trader Joe’s run in my future. If you read the blog post this week then you probably have some […]

Meal Plan 11.0

Hope you enjoyed spring break last week if you had it, or maybe you are looking forward to a restful upcoming week. The time change has still thrown me for a loop and I have not adjusted. Who knew an hour would throw you off so? This week is a variety of meats and lots […]

Meal Plan 10.0

This week has flown by and its already time for another menu! Spring break is upon us and I know some people travel and schedules are usually a bit…unusual. We will be home so I will cook but try to add in a couple special meals. Monday – Meatloaf, roasted (or mashed) potatoes, roasted broccoli. […]

Meal Plan 9.0

We are rounding the corner into March and its starting to feel more like spring every day. The pup and I are loving lunch time walk weather more days than not. March is full of lovely spring holidays including St. Patricks day and Easter and brace yourselves because we also have daylight savings this month. […]

Meal Plan 7.0